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Welcome to the
US Veterans of Foreign Wars
Fred Quandt Post 3901
Algonac, Mi. 48001
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       Post 3901 will be acting as a drop-off point for donations to the Algonac Food Pantry.
       During these difficult times, the need is greater than ever to take care of our community.
        Whereas the Pantry cannot be manned on a daily basis, the Post Canteen will be accepting any donations during our normal business hours. These donations will then be delivered to the pantry.
       This is planned on being an ongoing activity, NOT just during the Holiday season. The needs of our Community are not exclusive to the Holiday, so our help will not be just for the Holiday.
       If you can, please help. There is no donation which is too small.

Canteen Business Hours:
Monday- 10:00 AM to 9:00PM
Tuesday- 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday thru Saturday- 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday- 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Note: These hours are subject to change due to the Winter season.
This site plans to update this list as necessary, but appreciates your patience.
In the event you wish to verify the canteen is open, feel free to call: 810/794-3033.
Algonac's Weather;
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VFW Post 3901 is the Home of the POW/MIA Honor Guard
VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 3901, Algonac, Michigan, POW/MIA, Honor Guard, Veterans.

Shop with those who have served to Protect your Freedoms.
Memorial Brick Pavers are available to ANYONE wishing to be memorialized with those who have given their lives to keep America's FREEDOM.
The cost for a 4" x 8" paver is $50.00; there are no other sizes available.
The pavers have 12 letters available per line and 3 lines per paver.
Note: A space is considered a letter for pavers.
Click here to view the order form.
Paver Brick Example
Click here to see what the Memorial looks like now, the flagpoles and Final landscaping will be done when sufficient time can be made available.
There will be a re-dedication of the monument on November 11th at 1100.
~~~Special Announcement~~~
The below message came to us via a VALOR League member seeking assistance for an Afghanistan Soldier, PLEASE consider helping this soldier. They meet at our Post's Hall, at:
1005 Pte. Tremble Road, Algonac, Mi.
In the event you, as the general public, want to support the Soldiers defending this country, but weren't sure how you can help; THIS is a great place to start. Anything you can bring would be helpful, and GREATLY appreciated.
Hi Everyone
One of our members, Willie McLeod, has asked VALOR League for hrelp sending female supplies to a soldier, and other women in her company.
Her name is Samantha Sue Kopah, she is from Algonac, and she is stationed in Afghanistan.
Apparently, getting female supplies is proving very difficult. Willie is going to address our October meeting to request help in the way of supplies and postage costs.
So, if your budget allows any extras, here is a list of items Samantha has asked for. Some are very inexpensive, but others arte more costly. If you can help Samantha and her friends, please bring the items to our October meeting.
Because they are stationed over 20 miles from the Mess Tent, they are eating that horrible pre-packaged stuff the military supplies their soldiers so they are asking for:
Soup (any kind)
Breakfast Bars
Koolaid singles
Small Sodas
Tea Bags
Real Sugar
Any kind of microwave dinners

~~~They could also Really use:
Dental Floss
Aloe Socks
Blanket Throws (any kind of thin blanket)
Any games or puzzles (They asked for Juster but we're not sure what that is)
Sports Bras
Phone Card ~ These MUST be either spyware X or ROSHARD to be used.
We will definately talk about this more at the October meeting but I wanted to get it out there to all of you just in case you wanted to help.
If you do purchase any of these items, please bring them to the meeting.
Thanks Everyone
See you at the meeting on October 7.
Post 3901 now is the Chartering Organization for Boy Scout Troop 223.

We'd like to Welcome them to our Family.

Click here to see their website.